Maternity and Child Care

Dr. R. K. Khandelwal attending to a delivered babyDr. R. K. Khandelwal attending to a delivered baby

Dr. Rekha Khandelwal and Dr. R. K. Khandelwal are available round-the-clock to take care of obstetric, peri-natal, neo-natal and paediatric care

Expectant mothers are followed up at regular intervals and advice regarding diet, excercise, health and day-to-day activities are given. The progress of the pregnancy is carefully monitored with regular check-ups and ultrasound. High-risk pregnancies are given special attention so that the outcome of the pregnancy is fully taken care of. In case of a premature delivery, the availability of a paediatrician is reassuring for the mother and the family.

Special facility also exists for painless delivery, as and when desired.

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