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Importance of Preventive Health Care

Importance of Preventive Health Care

Longevity has increased and with that the quality of life has started suffering as age advances. However, it is in our hands to ensure the quality of life as senior citizens. Isn’t it time to take charge of your health! Remember a stitch in time saves nine. This can be done by visiting your doctor and fixing a time and get a preventive health checkup done.

Why is Check-Up Important?

Regular health examinations and tests can help find problems before they start and thereafter lead to better cure. How often one needs health checkups depends on age, health, family history and lifestyle.

Regular checkups at least once a year help in proper health assessment:

  • It assesses your lifestyle and gives you an idea how your lifestyle may be affecting your health.
  • Determines your risk of Silent Killer Diseases - Diabetes, Heart Diseases and Respiratory Diseases.
  • It provides you with an insight of how these diseases affect your body.
  • These checkups will guide you to set targets for yourself to reduce your risk of lifestyle diseases and improve your health.

Lifestyle Health Assessment comprises of:

  • Providing details of any symptoms to the doctor
  • Physical examination by the doctor
  • Investigations appropriate to the situation:
    • Routine blood, urine and stool
    • Blood biochemistry
    • Cardiovascular assessment
    • Bone density assessment, if required
    • In females:
      • Internal examination
      • Breast examination
      • Any appropriate investigation as required such as PAP Smear and mammography

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