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Abortion in India for Patients All Across the World

With the emerging medical facilities, India has been a destination for medical tourism, offering a wide range of healthcare services, including abortion. With its advanced medical facilities, skill

Understanding Back Pain in Women: Causes, Age Onset, and Care

Back pain is a prevalent health issue that affects people of all ages and genders, but it can be particularly bothersome and debilitating. In recent years, there's been a growing concern about bac

All you need to know about Hymenoplasty

If we define hymenoplasty in simple terms, it is an incisive technique which is used to restore the ruptured or torn hymen using the already existing layers of the damaged hymen. The hymen is known

7 Myths about Surgical Abortions Debunked

Surgical abortions are the best option to terminate an unwanted late trimester pregnancy. The latest techniques and upgrades are available in medical science for mid-trimester abortions. But despit

7 Most FAQs about Hymenoplasty

As per, the leading Hymenoplasty hospital in Delhi, Hymenoplasty is the practice of Hymen reconstruction or re

7 Facts you should know about Surgical Abortions

Surgical Abortions are not as challenging as they seem to be. Gone are the days, when people feared the very term of Surgical abortions. But with the ongoing scientific advancements, new and latest

Dangers of attempting self-abortion and why it should be avoided

The only way to end or terminate an unwanted pregnancy is by abortion. However, abortions that are self attempted can be extremely dangerous and life-threatening, and hence, should be performed onl

Busting Myths on Abortion Pills

Abortion pills if taken under medical supervision are one of the safest and most commonly used methods of terminating an early unwanted pregnancy. According to a popular study, around 10 million wo

Abusive Relationships & Unplanned Pregnancy

During the pandemic, domestic violence (abusive behaviour) against women has increased. While on the other hand, another study reveals that the pregnancy rate has also elevated. Now, the question r

How to Choose the Best Gynaecologist in South Delhi?

- Finding the best health care centre and a reliable doctor in these times is truly a treasure. If that is the case, this article is exclusively for you. Here we go! If you are looking fo

Exploring Various Reasons for Missed Period

Is it unusual to miss periods? On what basis do periods delay? Does missing periods direct towards pregnancy? If all of these questions are running in your mind, this blog is surely for you!

Vardaan Hospital: Safest Abortion Clinic in Delhi?

MTP Act was passed in 1972. This was to protect the woman’s right to abort and for the termination to be done by

Vardaan: Safest abortion procedure in India

Despite almost 50 years of the incorporation of the MTP (Medical Termination of Pregnancy) act and the vindication of women's right to abort, abortion remains a hotly debated and a taboo in Ind

Legal Pregnancy Abortion Options Available to Women

Getting an abortion done and coping with an unwanted pregnancy is a physical and mental agony for the woman.This problem is aggravated in countries like India,where the women is scared.The social t

Eradicating the Stigma Around Medical Abortion

Planned motherhood,is a feeling of great joy and is something to be celebrated.However, an unplanned pregnancy is a mental,psychological, and physical shock to the lady.The news of unplanned pregna

Get Safe Termination at Private Abortion Clinic

As one settles down in life and starts a livelihood one also plans a family. However, unwanted pregnancy is disappointing. The would be mother undergoes a lot of anxiety and mental trauma. However

Missed Period in Adolescents

Menarche is the period when a girl starts menstruating for the first time. It indicates that she has taken her first step towards transformation from a girl to being called an adolescent. This occu

Missed Period in Late 40s

Growth of a girl into womanhood starts with her menstruation. With menstruation she has entered the childbearing age. After experiencing menstruation every month for many years, a time comes when a

Visit Safe Abortion Clinics for Abortion

Being a mother is one of the most joyful moments of any woman’s life. Giving birth and bringing a new life into this world is a feeling not all can perceive. However, an unwanted pregnancy can be

Abortion in India

Despite almost 30 years of liberal legislation, a large number of women still do not have a right to get an abortion done. Termination of pregnancy is considered a taboo in many countries. Sadly, i

Safest Abortion Hospital - Vardaan Hospital

Family planning plays a vital role in the management of a family, ensure good family planning and preventing unwanted pregnancy. Whether you are married or unmarried, an unplanned pregnancy can hav

Choose Nearest Hospital for Safest Abortion in Delhi

Unwanted pregnancy causes a lot of psychological and physical burden on the pregnant lady. Whether you’re rich or poor, married or unmarried or belong to any age group, an unplanned pregnancy

Best Method for Early Pregnancy Abortion in Delhi

Safe Abortion is one of the safest methods to terminate a baby. Every woman is free to decide whether she wants to continue her pregnancy or not. There are several effective contraceptives, which i

Getting an Abortion is Every Woman’s Right

Planned Pregnancy is a matter of great joy!! It is one of the most beautiful phases of life. Giving birth to a new-bornis anachievement. But…. an unwanted pregnancy can cause great physical

Abortion Procedure in India

Abortion in simpler terms is a procedure to terminate a pregnancy. Abortion means that the foetus or embryo is removed from the uterus. Early abortion means that the

Best Facilities for Termination of Pregnancy in India

Abortion or termination of pregnancy or suction of evacuation has become the most recommended procedure to end unwanted pregnancy.Abortion is a legal procedure in India.In India it is legal to do a

Tips for a healthy pregnancy

Most woman long to have a child. Thus, pregnancy is a natural physiological function in her life. During this phase, many changes are observed by a pregnant lady. Unless indicated by doct

Getting the best tracheostomy care for you

Tracheostomy is a surgical process where an opening is created in the windpipe where a tube is fixed and that helps to remove secretions from the lungs. It is done if a patient has difficulty in br

Safe and Legal Abortion Services in India

While looking for the best clinic to carry out abortion, there are numerous things to bear in mind. The main concern is the safety of the procedure and the repercussions that the procedure may have

Is Smoking An Important Cause Of Breast Cancer In India

Rohan Khandelwal, MS, MRCS (Edin.), FIBD The last two decades has seen a dramatic shift in the smoking rates amongst Indian men & women. Smoking rates have fallen among Indian men but

Unusual Presentation of Breast Cancer

Rohan Khandelwal, MS, MRCS (Edin.), FIBD Sometimes breast cancer tends to surprise us and present in an unusual manner. In India, due to lack to awareness and a stigma attached with breas

Some Common Reasons for Infertility in Women

When a couple gets married, a time comes when they wish to plan a family. No doubt, it is a huge step and involves a lot of planning as far as the expenses are concerned. However, in the present sc

5 Best instructions for Normal Delivery

Pregnancy is a phase of life where a woman experiences many things. Many women do not want to suffer from extreme pains and have lots of painless delivery options available like epidural analgesia.

Vulvovaginal hygiene after abortions and during menstruation

During menstruation and after abortions there is bleeding per vagina. It is during this period that vulvo-vaginal hygiene is impo

Control Obesity & Live Happily

Obesity is a multi-factorial and complex medical condition. If an individual's bodyweight is more than 20% of the expected weight then the individual is obese. If the Body Mass Index (BMI) is b

Liver A Chemical Factory

Functions of Liver Liver is an important solid organ in the body with numerous functions: Secrete

How to Take Care of Dementia Patient

How to Take Care of Dementia Patient Dementia is the l

Importance of Pediatric Care

Pediatric care is dedicated medical care for children with serious disease. Pediatric care focuses on growth and development, nutrition, prevention of illnesses and treatment of illnesses in child

How to burn your calories

Lose your weight is outlined with one objective - to help you shed your calorie in a sound, feasible manner. No insane eating methodologies - simply a straightforward, simple to-utilize program tha

Preparing For Menopause

Indian women at menopause are at a stage in life when they have fulfilled most of their responsibilities and are happily settled in life. They welcome the cessation of menses, but there are a numbe

Your Pregnancy First Trimester

Pregnancy is a time of excitement, but is also a time of rapid physical and emotional changes. From fertilisation till the birth of your c

Basic Information on Abortion

What we mean by Abortion: Abortion is a medical process which results in the ending of pregnancy so that birth of a child can be stopped. In medical term this is also known as termination

Preconception care

Pregnancy is a major event in a woman's life. In bygone days, children were considered the gift of God but now as science have improved, we can plan conception. If you are planning for it, you can

Witch's milk

Ever so often I see situations where young infants are brought with enlarged breast tissue. On occasions they are inflamed. Enquiries reveal that "the lady" m

Why Toddlers And Small Children Fall Sick More Frequently?

As a paediatrician, I am frequently asked by anxious parents(and grandparents) for the reason why their toddler falls sick so frequently. They will even compare their child with other children and

24 Tips on How to Lose Weight

The information contained is for your knowledge to enable you to manage your health in a better way and not a substitute for doctor's consultation.

Is it the End of Road for Clinical Medicine?

There was a time when we as youngsters (till about the end of last century) were taken to the doctor who would examine us and prescribe or dispense medicines. These medici

40 Tips for Happy Healthy Life

Tips Health: Drink plenty of water. Eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince and dinner l

Monsoon and fungal growth

With onset of monsoon there is a spurt of patients attending the doctors with fungal infections. This is very natural as the weather is conducive to the growth of fungi. Fungi need:

What to eat and what not to eat?

As a paediatrician I am frequently asked by parents regarding the diet of their child. And the most common complaint is that my child does not eat!! Every individual has his/her own requi

DO's & DONT's of a Weight Loss Program!

When embarking on weight loss then DO... Eat regularly Re-fuelling when you are hungry is a good idea, but make sure that you snac

Temperature reading

I am asked, very frequently, by parents that the head always feels warm while the hand and feet (peripheries) are cold, especially when a child has fever. In this blog I shall try to explain and re

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