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Teenage Pregnancy

Teenage Pregnancy

Any pregnancy in a human female under the age of 20 years at the time the pregnancy ends is termed as TEENAGE PREGNANCY. It is a social problem distributed worldwide with serious implications on maternal and child health, especially in the context of developing countries. In India, teenage pregnancy is an important public health problem.

Vardaan Hospital is one of hospitals in the NCR area providing comprehensive medical care, education and emotional support to pregnant teens. Established in 1995, Vardaan Hospital treats pregnant adolescents and takes a multidisciplinary approach to help teens throughout their pregnancy. In addition to the medical examination, educational and support services such as nutritional counselling, childbirth, parenting and emotional support are done in the prenatal period.

Teenage pregnancies put mothers at high risk to many health-related complications and the newborns to poor birth outcomes. Pregnant teens need to be assessed for smoking, alcohol use, and drug use, and they are offered support to quit for a better outcome of the pregnancy. Teen mothers are more likely to have unhealthy habits that place the infant at greater risk for inadequate growth, infection, or chemical dependence. The younger a mother is below 20 years of age the greater is the risk of her infant dying during the first year of life. It is very important for pregnant teens to have early and adequate prenatal care.

The teenage pregnant lady is given guidance on:

  • Balancing pregnancy with school and relationships
  • Healthy habits during pregnancy
  • Talking to loved ones about pregnancy
  • Motherhood
  • Newborn care

Pregnancy can be one of the most difficult experiences a teenage girl ever faces. So we understand how to support your daughter as she deals with teenage pregnancy. So contact us to have a healthy baby and mother.

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