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Abortion Procedure in IndiaBACK

Abortion in simpler terms is a procedure to terminate a pregnancy. Abortion means that the foetus or embryo is removed from the uterus. Early abortion means that the foetus or embryo is removed before it reaches the age of viability. The heart rate in an embryo or foetus comes around 6 weeks. Removal of the foetus i.e. termination of pregnancy or abortion before 6 weeks is a simpler procedure.

According to the Medical Termination of Pregnancy Act in India, 1971, India under the law provides a right for abortion for valid reasons up to 20 weeks. Thereafter up to 24 weeks if special legal consent is taken. 

Where to go for abortion in Delhi?

According to the MTP Act, 1971, a medical practitioner with years of experience under a legal and registered medical institution can carry out this procedure well and good. 

The best and reputed nearest hospital which is registered with the Government can fulfil your requirement. All procedures are done in a legal way with full confidentiality. To recommend one, Vardaan Hospital, B-100 Malviya Nagar, New Delhi, India is the safest hospital in India. The nearest airport is Indira Gandhi International Airport. 

The decision to undergo a termination procedure is difficult to take and deciding on the termination of unwanted pregnancy that has occurred could be difficult. But making a quick decision is important to protect yourself from legal boundaries.

 There are numerous countries where abortion is illegal. And thus, it is suggested to choose a legal place and terminate it.


How to abort pregnancy of 2 weeks in India?


Females have numerous reasons to opt-out of pregnancy but sometimes they have a lot of hesitation because of  which most of the time it is masked by societal norms, unsupportive families, the stigma associated with termination. 

But it is important to know the abortion procedure for a better understanding. 


Abortion is generally not a painful process. There can be trivial discomfort for which medications are available. 

There are two methods to perform  the termination of pregnancy  or abortion. They are as follows:


If the pregnancy period is less than 6 weeks, one can easily opt for oral medical abortion. The procedure is as follows:

  • Ultrasound confirmation for  the duration of pregnancy and to exclude tubal pregnancy.
  • Blood tests are done.

Medication is given under strict medical supervision.

  • 2 doses are given 48 hours apart.

Bleeding generally happens in 24 to 48 hours while taking the dose and lasts for 5 to 7 days.

In a couple of cases, some tissue might be retained leading to incomplete abortion. This might need suction evacuation.
Confirmation of a complete abortion should be done by ultrasound.


There are numerous names of this method. Such as 

  • Vacuum Aspiration.
  • Dilation and Evacuation.
  • Dilation and Curettage.
  • Suction evacuation.

As a pre-procedure ultrasound and blood tests are done.

Depending on the duration of pregnancy, sometimes medicines are given to dilate the mouth of the uterus before the procedure. The procedure is suction evacuation, which is done under local anaesthesia or general anaesthesia. A small suction cannula is introduced in the dilated uterine cavity and products are sucked out through gentle suction.

The procedure is done under ultrasound guidance to prevent trauma to the uterus and to ensure complete sucking of contents and prevent trauma to the uterus.

In pregnancy more than 12 to 14 weeks, sometimes medication is given to abort the foetus and than evacuation is done.


What to do post-procedure

Post-procedure advise is necessary to follow for a smooth recovery.. Post-procedure is the time when you need to follow a proper diet and take care of yourself. 

The time taken for the abortion procedure varies according to the duration of the pregnancy and the procedure. Counselling sessions help the patient handle The precautions worth pondering over are as follows:

  1. Take all medicines prescribed by the doctor.
  2. Do not take any other medicine without consulting a doctor.
  3. Continue with normal activities as suggested by the doctor.
  4. It is absolutely safe to travel

themselves in a better way.

How to abort pregnancy of 2 weeks in India in a safe, comfortable and legal waywon’t be a question anymore. 

If all post-procedure instructions are followed then the recovery will be smooth and uneventful.

Attend counselling sessions to recover yourself physically and mentally.

  1. Avoid using tampons during a menstrual cycle.
  2. No sexual contact is suggested for at least 15 days.

If you want any guidance from us on any topic concerned. You can take an appointment and visit Vardaan Hospital. We will guide you through the best methods to gain the right exposure for the same.