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7 Myths about Surgical Abortions DebunkedBACK

Surgical abortions are the best option to terminate an unwanted late trimester pregnancy. The latest techniques and upgrades are available in medical science for mid-trimester abortions. But despite the availability of the latest techniques, the procedure is feared by many women. Even today, women prefer choosing medical abortion over surgical abortion, although they do not guarantee successful results. The reason is a lack of awareness about the surgical procedure used for the termination of pregnancy.

Women have developed misconceptions about surgical procedures. This creates confusion and spreads misinformation. To educate and make women aware of surgical abortions, we have listed down a few myths along with facts about Surgical abortions.

Abortions can result in infertility

This is one of the most common myths or misconceptions about abortions. Women generally think that surgical abortions are invasive or involve the use of certain equipment for the termination of pregnancy. Hence, these can harm their intimate parts which can result in infertility problems in future. But this is not at all true about surgical abortions, if these are performed under expert medical supervision in a registered clinic where all aseptic precautions are taken.

Surgical abortions are dangerous

Lack of awareness about Surgical abortion in India has led to the popular misconception that these are dangerous and can be life-threatening, just because they are invasive methods. However, this is not the case. Surgical abortions if performed under proper medical guidance are generally not life-threatening and do not result in any severe complications.

Surgical abortions are very painful

This is a false belief among women. Surgical abortions are not at all painful if performed in a good hospital under general anaesthesia. These are performed by an experienced team of surgeons and do not result in any sort of pain. It is just an innate tendency of women to think that since surgical abortions are invasive, they can be painful. The post-abortion symptoms are very few and are effectively managed to make the patient comfortable.

Women resort to surgical abortions as a method of birth control

This is a myth and has no relevance. There are several factors which have given rise to this misconception or myth. Some teenagers who get pregnant because of the failure of contraception or failure of birth control pills think that surgical abortions can lead to birth control. On the contrary, many women of childbearing age think that surgical abortion might cause infertility and hamper their prospects of future pregnancy. All these are myths. Surgical abortions in expert hands are generally safe procedures.

Surgical abortions imply foetuses can experience pain

The foetus develops pain perception and experiences pain as a result of the neocortex (part of the nervous system), which develops in the 29th or 30th week of pregnancy. Generally, women opt for surgical abortions in their second or first trimesters when the foetus has not been fully developed or neither has the neocortex developed. Thus, foetuses do not experience any pain and the myth is the product of orthodox thinking of society, to make women feel guilty about their decision to terminate the pregnancy.

Abortions increase the risk of breast cancer

There is no scientific evidence or research which supports this view that abortions can increase the risk of breast cancer. Thus, there is no link between breast cancer and surgical abortion. This myth has been developed so that women do not opt for abortions.

Surgical abortions are an expensive procedure

True, Surgical abortions can be an expensive alternative in comparison to medical abortion. However, the cost of surgical abortion may vary for every clinic depending on their services, medical facilities, and the fees of the surgeons. You can compare the cost of surgical abortion for every clinic and choose the one that can fit into your budget requirements well.