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7 Most FAQs about HymenoplastyBACK

As per, the leading Hymenoplasty hospital in Delhi, Hymenoplasty is the practice of Hymen reconstruction or restoring a torn hymen by cosmetic surgery. The condition has gained immense popularity after the high success rates of the procedure.

We know that the chastity of females in India and many other countries is determined by their hymen. In a country where the virginity of females is a social taboo and a matter of religious debate, they can switch to the convenient alternative of Hymenoplasty. By undertaking the procedure of Hymenoplasty, the hymen can be restored, and the best part is that the procedure is scarless. There are no visible scars, and it is not possible to trace whether the surgery took place. This is a confidential procedure and personal details of the clients are kept confidential to maintain their privacy

. Unfortunately, there is a lack of awareness regarding this simple and effective procedure. Also, there is a fear factor that restricts the female to get this procedure done. But hymenoplasty instils a feeling of confidence in females and protects the female from facing social embarrassment. Despite the several advantages Hymenoplasty offers to females, there is still a lack of awareness of the procedure which makes them hesitant to undertake the procedure. To educate such females about the merits of Hymenoplasty we are have compiled a list of  ten most frequently asked questions about Hymenoplasty:

How does Hymenoplasty work?

A leading surgeon from the best Hymenoplasty hospital in Delhi explains the process of Hymenoplasty as follows.

 Hymenoplasty generally works by forming a new membrane or layer in place of the original hymen layer. This is usually done by extracting the thin layer of the vaginal opening and stitching it very delicately at the place where the original hymen was placed. This thin layer of tissues of the vaginal opening becomes vascular and there is an appropriate amount of bleeding at the time of intercourse.

The second technique is Hymen reconstruction. In this procedure, the tags of the original Hymen are gathered and are reconstructed. This superior layer resembles the shape of a narrow tube or ring-like structure which will give the impression of the original hymen when it will be stitched or grafted at the place of the original hymen. This hymen layer which is grafted will not just appear as the original hymen but will result in bleeding at the time of intercourse.

These two Hymenoplasty techniques are very effective Hence, it is by both these techniques that Hymenoplasty works. The procedure may vary for every patient depending on their condition and the status of the torn hymen.

Is Hymenoplasty successful?

The second most popularly asked question about hymenoplasty is whether hymenoplasty yields any success or not. Well, the success of hymenoplasty depends on several factors such as the age factor, status of the hymen, patient's health condition, the team of doctors, the technique implemented etc. It is based on such factors that the success of Hymenoplasty lies. However, as per the current statistics, Hymenoplasty has an excellent success rate of about 90%.

What kind of risks and complications are associated with Hymenoplasty?

There are a lot many myths that surround the risks and complications associated with Hymenoplasty. First, there are no such major risks or complications that are associated with Hymenoplasty apart from a few minor complications that are mentioned below: It is very important to follow the post Hymenoplasty instructions advised by the surgeon.
If the instructions are followed, then there are fewer chances of complications.
The General precautions advised are Refraining from vigorous activity, especially playing sports, riding, jogging etc.
No sexual intercourse till further advice’ Follow the prescription and take all medicines.


  • Vaginal Bleeding Bleeding may occur from the wound post-surgery. This generally occurs when the patients do not follow proper precautionary care post the surgical procedure. However, it is very rare and occurs in only 1 in every 100 patients and it can be easily controlled by proper precautions and medications.
  • Sepsis or Infection Sepsis or vaginal infection is another major complication that you might experience post-Hymenoplasty. If the wound is not properly healed and the patient has not followed the doctor's advice then there are high chances that the patient might face sepsis. This can be a major concern at times and requires medical intervention.
  • Swelling or Inflammation Inflammation or swelling post-Hymenoplasty is another common phenomenon that is controlled with medication. In the opinion of a top lady gynaecologist near me, this occurs due to postoperative inflammation and is easily treatable if proper advice is followed.

How long is the recovery process post Hymenoplasty?

As per the lady gynaecologist near me, the recovery post Hymenoplasty may take approximately 6 weeks. if proper precautions are followed. In case, you are not following the needed precautionary care or measures and are into strenuous activities that involve running, cycling, or lifting weights the recovery period may extend. Not just this, but your involvement in any of such activities can pose serious health challenges and complications.

How long is the surgical procedure?

The Surgical procedure of Hymenoplasty is a daycare procedure. It can be done under Local or General Anaesthesia. The total average time taken is less than 1.5 hours. But the time duration may vary depending on the technique used, age factor, status, or condition of the hymen to be restored etc. You can get back to your routine activities within just a few days. But it is best to consult your gynaecologist before indulging in any such activities.

How can Hymenoplasty help its patients?

In a country where religion and society govern the purity or chastity of females, a technique like Hymenoplasty is a boon to them. Practically speaking, Hymenoplasty can help you in several ways which are as follows:

  1. A restored hymen.
  2. Regaining back lost virginity and hence self-esteem.
  3. You don't have to bear the social embarrassment of your spouse, his family or relatives.

Hence, Hymenoplasty is one of your best chances to regain your chastity.

What is the cost of Hymenoplasty in the country?

Hymenoplasty may not be an affordable procedure, but you can compare the charges of Hymenoplasty across the country and choose the clinic that provides you with the best services under your budget. However, the cost varies anywhere between 30,000 to 60,000 depending on the services offered, doctors concerned, surgical fees, the technique used and the requirements of the patient.