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All you need to know about HymenoplastyBACK

If we define hymenoplasty in simple terms, it is an incisive technique which is used to restore the ruptured or torn hymen using the already existing layers of the damaged hymen. The hymen is known to get ruptured the first time a woman gets involved in penetrative sex. But such is not always the case as it can also be torn apart during intense physical activity such as cycling, weightlifting or swimming. The technique has risen in popularity for quite some time and is a great way for females who want to regain their virginity.

In a country, where the virginity of a female before her marriage is a social stigma, As per the best Hymenoplasty hospital in Delhi, Hymenoplasty has helped lakhs of patients in regaining their virginity. But since the technique is a new one, only a few skilled surgeons can perform it skillfully and successfully. Also, there is a lack of awareness about the procedure, its success rate and the risk factors associated with it.

With the initiative of spreading awareness on the same, we have highlighted some important details that you must know about Hymenoplasty:

  1. What is the objective of Hymenoplasty?

    The hymen is a thin and elastic layer that conceals our vaginal opening and usually ruptures during penetrative sex. Hymenoplasty aims at restoring these ruptured and elastic, or say stretched apart parts of the hymen to develop a new restorative hymen, creating an impression that the hymen is still intact. Hymenoplasty helps females to regain their lost confidence by regaining their virginity.

  2. What are the possible health risks associated with Hymenoplasty?

    Though Hymenoplasty results in temporary side effects which subside over some time. If due precautions are not followed then sometimes it can result in complications.


    Some amount of bleeding is usually expected to post a hymenoplasty procedure, but uncontrollable bleeding requires immediate medical intervention.

    Sepsis or Infection

    Another possible health risk associated with hymenoplasty surgery is a vaginal infection. This is the reason that hymenoplasty should be done in a reputed hospital taking all aseptic precautions and the proper postprocedure antibiotic cover is needed. A vaginal infection can be extremely dangerous at times and should be immediately dealt with.

    Swelling or Inflammation

    Inflammation is very common post Hymenoplasty surgery and this is why most surgeons advise medication and moderate activity so that the inflammation in the vaginal area can be easily reduced.

  3. How much healing time is required to post a Hymenoplasty surgery?

    As per the top Hymenoplasty hospital in Delhi, your surgeon may generally advise you to rest for about 24-48 hours. Besides, you may also be advised to restrict your involvement in any type of physical activity and also avoid penetrative sex or the insertion of any penetrative objects in the vagina.

  4. What is the need of opting for Hymenoplasty?

    According to the best Hymenoplasty hospital in Delhi, virginity is still a social taboo in various religions or communities. Females who do not bleed on the first night of their consummation, are violently mistreated and labelled as being adulterous. Hymenoplasty helps such patients to regain their virginity especially if they are unmarried.

    Few  reasons why women might be willing to opt for Hymenoplasty:

    • Sexual or physical abuse
    • Rupturing of hymen due to accidental injury
    • To regain back lost confidence and mental satisfaction
  5. Why Choose us for Hymenoplasty?

    We at Vardaan are a leading Hymenoplasty hospital in Delhi which specializes in Hymenoplasty. We have an excellent team of surgeons, who are skilled in performing the procedure with great caution and precision. Besides, we have a successful history of patients who were able to regain their chastity and were satisfied with the complete process. You can trust us even post the treatment, as we do offer post-procedure facilities. The surgery is conducted in a safe and hygienic environment and the client's details are kept confidential.