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Cosmetic Surgery

Cosmetic Surgery


What is Hymen?

Cosmetic surgery, or aesthetic surgery as it is also known, is a surgery done to improve ones appearance and has come into vogue for the last couple of It is thin and delicate membrane which partly covers the vaginal opening. It generally tears up after first intercourse and sometimes after vigorous exercises or injury.

Importance of Hymen

In many countries and cultures hymen is regarded as a proof of virginity and the bleeding which occurs after the first intercourse is in some places displayed as evidence of virginity.

Need of Hymenopalsty

In today’s world hymen might tear up even before intercourse because of the following reasons:
1. Exercises
2. Vigorous washing
3. Masturbation

Pre-marital sex is also one cause of absence of hymen before marriage. In countries where virginity is still an issue, a good hymenoplasty is required to preserve the innocence of a newlywed. That is where the importance of hymenoplasty comes up.

What is Hymenoplasty?

It is restoration of the hymen by delicate surgical operation. In this operation the hymenal tags are restored to their original shape by a delicate surgery.

The procedure is done under anaesthesia to make the patient comfortable.

Post-surgery the patient is mobile.There is minimal pain and after a few hours the patient can eat and drink normally.

Vardaan Hospital and its team of dedicated and experienced plastic surgeons are experts into this procedure and give great personal and professional care while doing it.

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