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Abortion in IndiaBACK

Despite almost 30 years of liberal legislation, a large number of women still do not have a right to get an abortion done. Termination of pregnancy is considered a taboo in many countries. Sadly, it is still the most debated issue around the world. Females in many countries are restricted and not allowed to terminate a baby at any cost. This law in many countries can emotionally and physically affect several lives.

Abortion should be the sole right of every woman and whether she wants childbirth or not is her decision. Family planning plays an essential role in the brighter future of a woman and her family. A woman generally opts for abortion, because of unplanned pregnancy. The procedure takes place due to unplanned pregnancy and family crisis. It is one of the safest medical methods to opt for. If done properly it generally does not cause any harm to anyone’s health and dignity.

More than 36 countries follow a strict procedure and have a ban on legal abortion. Countries located in the middle east and Arab states such as Abu Dhabi, Iraq, Kuwait, Bahrain, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Riyadh, Jeddah, etc. have still not legalised the procedure.

Women have to suffer due to legislation, laws and norms of the society. It is time to hear the woman’s voice and change the age of old and obsolete laws and social issues related to women. It is high time to bring a change in the socio-economic beliefs and system of society. All the changes related to change in laws and the changes related to society, take time to materialise so in case one gets pregnant and wants a termination, then she should definitely opt for termination. Select a country where termination is legal. In India, termination of pregnancy is legal in registered centres. It can be performed up to 20 weeks of pregnancy.

Termination in expert hands is generally a safe procedure is a simple and best procedure. Normally, people have a lot of anxiety and apprehensions while getting a termination done especially in a different country. Take your time in choosing the best option for abortion. Choose the right doctor and the right place. If you’re looking for the legal and safe hospital for abortion in India, then Vardaan Hospital situated in New Delhi, India is the best place for you. Vardaan offers personalised and professional support to each patient.

Vardaan Hospital premises are truly dedicated to providing hi-tech facilities and special care to pregnant women. Vardaan welcomes and provides excellent service to all the strata of society. Each patient gets special care and fully equipped services for fast recovery. Vardaan believes in providing the best treatment and guidelines under one roof.

Please clarify all your myths and doubts and get accurate information about any concerns you have. Vardaan maintains a well-equipped operation theatre, best hygiene and sanitation standards to prevent future medical issues. The department is operated and regulated by specialised medical experts who have a vast knowledge and experience in this field.

This is just a one-day process if it is early pregnancy., one just needs to make up one’s mind and should take the right decision. At Vardaan, all your queries are answered with patience.  Suitable medical care is provided. All the procedures are done under the guidance of qualified doctors.

Don’t worry, rely on us and get a safe procedure done. Immediately, Fly directly to  Vardaan Hospital, New Delhi, India for cost-effective abortion treatment.