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Vardaan Hospital: Safest Abortion Clinic in Delhi?BACK

MTP Act was passed in 1972. This was to protect the woman’s right to abort and for the termination to be done by registered doctors. Despite the incorporation of the MTP Act, abortion remains hotly debated and taboo in India. The nearly 50-year-old law is probably the most liberal in the world but is still not free from fallacies. 

An unwanted pregnancy is a very sensitive problem to deal with. Getting an abortion done and coping with an unwanted pregnancy is a physical and mental agony for the woman. This problem is aggravated in countries like India, where women are scared because of the societal pressures and taboos. Such taboos prevent the woman from taking timely help. She does not want to disclose her problem to her partner, a friend, or a family member. Some women or couples might also resort to illegal ways of termination of pregnancy which can lead to complications such as infection and may even put a woman's life in danger. 

In India, abortion is legally allowed with some conditions. Misinformation and fear of social neglect push women to opt for less safe and harmful methods of abortion. These methods can cause lifelong complications and greatly affect the health of the patient. 

Clinical abortion is the safest way to tackle an unwanted pregnancy. It should be carried out only in safe abortion clinics under the supervision of trained professionals. 

Methods of Abortion

Clinical abortion is a medical process carried out with utmost care. The following two methods are used: 

•?Medical Termination: It is performed if the pregnancy is under 6 weeks. It is a safe non-surgical way to deal with an unwanted pregnancy. Medicines are used to terminate the pregnancy under expert supervision and care. This method is for the early stages of pregnancy and is a surgery-free procedure of abortion. 

•?Surgical Termination: Surgical method involves vacuum suction and is a safe way to terminate the pregnancy. It is done in a safe and protected environment to avoid any complications. This procedure has a high success rate when performed in safe abortion clinics and under proper care. 

Where can I get an abortion?

Vardaan Hospital is one of the safest abortion clinics in Delhi. Its premises are truly dedicated to providing special care to its patients. Vardaan Hospital is accessible to couples and pregnant women of any age and provides excellent service to all the strata of society. Every patient gets special care during abortion thereby ensuring fast recovery. Vardaan Hospital believes in providing the best treatment, care, and support under one roof. 

The safe abortion clinic at Vardaan Hospital provides both surgical and non-surgical methods of abortion. Its surgical method is completed under aseptic conditions in a fully equipped operation theatre. It encourages frequent follow-ups to ensure the complete recovery of the patient. 

A non-surgical method of abortion is performed with oral medicines under the supervision of professional doctors. All the pros and cons related to medication are properly discussed with the patient.? 

The surgical method of abortion is conducted by a vacuum suction evacuation. The procedure is painless and takes approximately 15 to 20 minutes. The stay in hospital on average is less than 6 hours. This is followed by a course of antibiotics, supportive medicines and follow-ups. 

Along with the safest methods of abortion and utmost care to the patients, the safe abortion?clinic at Vardaan Hospital ensures that the details of the patient and the abortion process remains confidential. Patients are provided with consultation and the best advice on the method of abortion. All the pre-abortion ultrasound and medical tests are done with the utmost care and it makes the patient feel comfortable as soon as she enters its doorsteps. The procedure is done with utmost care under expert guidance in a fully equipped operation theatre. It gives special attention throughout the process of abortion until the patient recovers completely.