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Abusive Relationships & Unplanned PregnancyBACK

During the pandemic, domestic violence (abusive behaviour) against women has increased. While on the other hand, another study reveals that the pregnancy rate has also elevated. Now, the question remains, is it a result of an abusive relationship?

Google has a search engine that tracks all the details of frequently used keywords across the country. And as per the same, the search volume of ‘abortion hospital near me’ is less than the illegal abortions that happen in India. Strange, right?

A region where women are entitled to have a choice on pregnancy are still stuck with illegal options. It is an important question that cannot be overlooked at all. This could be the result of various known factors. A few of the evident factors are as follows:

  • Fear of partner.
  • Worried about their reputation in society.
  • No support from in-laws and husband.
  • Considers abortion morally incorrect.
  • Believes in the myths surrounding the same.
  • Teenage pregnancy and difficult to reveal it to parents.

And the list goes on.

According to the best abortion facilities in India, pregnancy is a red flag that violence and abusive relationships result in. This abuse could be through different ways and it would be difficult to realize for the victim unless one is out of it.

The abuse includes the following:

  • Mental, emotional, physical, and sexual abuse.
  • Constant or rare threats.
  • You will find yourself isolated from your family and friends.
  • Harming things/people associated with the partner.
  • Controlling behaviour.
  • Unsafe at ‘home’.

All of such things direct towards the basic reproductive phase as well. Some partners wish to have a baby and would indulge in forced sex (rape) for their pleasure and motive. While on the other hand, doing emotional blackmailing to have sex/baby/get an abortion. Demands might vary but the action remains adequately the same. In such a case, women do not have any control over their sexual or reproductive lives.

What is This Condition Called?

Well, reproduction coercion is the term used for such a phase in one’s life where the leverage of one’s reproductive/sexual choice is determined by the partner.

And you will be shocked to know that 1 in 4 women in India deals with reproduction coercion. If you dive deep, it is a fact rooted in the Indian culture that women are afraid to talk about their pleasures and choices. While on the other hand, men have all the rights. This could again be categorized into the patriarchal approach of our society which still prevails.

The best abortion facilities in India are made available for women out there. While many are still forcefully retaining the child. Is it the lack of knowledge? Or lack of understanding towards family planning? Or just utter ignorance? We are yet to know!

Now, let us look at the following factors that represent reproduction coercion vividly. The pressure

  • To have sex
  • To get pregnant
  • To have an abortion
  • To continue a pregnancy

The abuse of power is natural across the globe. Some indoors while others are openly in the frontline of government. Though the activities that happen in one’s life can be duly improved. And to regain that power and respect back for yourself is the most significant thing.

This could begin from accepting the fact and moving ahead for pregnancy and getting out of that abusive relationship (divorce). These things could be difficult and you might come across more threats and blackmailing’s from your partner. But have courage and trust above all and choose your way of happiness.

Always remember: ‘YOU’ BEFORE OTHERS!

If you search ‘abortion hospital near me’, you will find various results that stand useful. This could be overwhelming at first because you will be bombarded with numerous results.

But after some research and reading out testimonials, you can always filter out the safe abortion clinics. And right after booking an appointment, you will be ready for that first step of choice you make independently regarding family life.

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