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Best Facilities for Termination of Pregnancy in IndiaBACK

Abortion or termination of pregnancy or suction of evacuation has become the most recommended procedure to end unwanted pregnancy.Abortion is a legal procedure in India.In India it is legal to do abortion up to 20 weeks.

At times a woman realises that she has an unwanted pregnancy and because of certain unavoidable circumstances needs to terminate the pregnancy.It is not a taboo if a woman opts for termination in such a situation. So, relax.There is an option available in countries where abortion is banned by law. They can forward to this facility in India.

VardaanHospital in New Delhi near Indira Gandhi International offers high-quality service to every patient belonging to any country.We are the leading healthcare hospital that aims to provide good facilities. We run an excellent service for all women and patients. A large number of patients, both national and international, travel to get the procedure done.

Termination of pregnancy is a procedurebest performed as soon as pregnancy is detected.We provide sincere advice and appropriate medicineswhich ensuresbest possible treatment.Make the right decision, think about getting the procedure done with a cool mind.We understand that this is a sensitive issue and the decision is hard to make, but don’t worry we will support you at every step of the process.

When you come to us, we ensure that the process is totally confidential.All the pre-abortion ultrasound and investigations are done with utmost care and we make you feel comfortable as soon as you arrive.The procedure is done with utmost care under care under expert guidance in a fully equipped operation theatre.We give you a special attention during and after the abortion.
You will be given a thorough examination. We shall discuss your issues and give you the best advice.After a detailed examination, you will be suggested the best method for termination of the pregnancy.

There are two methods for termination of pregnancy: surgical and non-surgical which are done according to the duration of pregnancy.Whether you are a local patient or international patient, you will get the best abortion facilities in India. We have a fully equipped operation theatre and a well-structured department that ensures best care of all our patients.

Step 1: Book an Appointment
You can simply schedule your appointment with our experts by anemail or a phone call or WhatsApp.You will get a prompt reply within a few hours.Once you’ve made your decision, a convenient time for the procedure shall be fixed.
Discuss about your previous medical history, any allergies or if you are on any medication.This will help us prepare in advance.

International patients
Apply for a tourist visa.Generally, this is online, and the visa is granted in a couple of days.

Step 2: Arrival
Provide confirmed information about your arrival.We will assist you about good taxi service.

Step 3: Day of Appointment

At the appointed time you will meet the doctor who shall explain everything once again and help you take the appropriate choice of the procedure. You can ask any queries that you might have. We will discuss every single step with you.

Step 4: Routine Tests and Investigation

After communicating everything, the doctor will suggest medical tests as per the situation. The investigations shall take a few minutes after which you will have to wait for the reports to arrive. You can relax in the room provided to you till the results of the investigations are ready.

Step 5: Process

Medical termination
Pills are given 48 hours apart
The entire procedure and the pros and cons of the procedure will be explained in detail before starting the procedure.
If you are opting for a surgical procedure, then sometimes the patient needs to stay overnight. In most cases patients are allowed to return back home the same day to begin their normal routine.

Step 6: Post-Procedure

Our aim is to make you as comfortable as possible during and after the procedure. We ensure quick recovery. We hold a counselling session as to what to expect after the procedure and to bring you back to normal routine at the earliest.

We’re available at 24 x 7 at your service to assist you with your problem. Consult us today!