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Getting the best tracheostomy care for youBACK

Tracheostomy is a surgical process where an opening is created in the windpipe where a tube is fixed and that helps to remove secretions from the lungs. It is done if a patient has difficulty in breathing on his own or has to be weaned of the ventilator or if the air way is blocked because of medical reasons, accidents or sometimes for surgical procedures.

Types of Tracheostomy

There are two types of tracheostomies

Temporary - The tube is in the windpipe for sometime and is removed when it is thought that the patient will be able to breathe on his own.

Permanent - The tube is permanently there because of medical reasons.

Having a tracheostomy is a difficult situation and requires a lot of care.Having a foreign body in the neck also For a person who undergoes a tracheostomy it is a very difficult situation as having a foreign object being placed on your body is not really a very comfortable scenario. It takes time to get used to and talking also requires some practice.

Why the need for care?

Having a pipe in the throat that is inserted through a hole itself means that there is a direct invitation to germs and other infection causing factors. Patients with tracheostomy need a lot of care and most of the patients are not in a position to take care of their own tracheostomy. Nuclear families and working couples find it difficult to maintain tracheostomy care at home as it entails a lot of specialized care. Children living away from parents also are distressed if their loved ones are left to fend for themselves when they need such care.

Vardaan rehabilitation and senior centre in New Delhi offers high-quality care and attention. At Vardaan they make it a point that chances of infection are minimized. And good care of the patient is taken.