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Vulvovaginal hygiene after abortions and during menstruationBACK

During menstruation and after abortions there is bleeding per vagina. It is during this period that vulvo-vaginal hygiene is important. Many women, even in normal circumstances, think that their genital area is dirty and should be thoroughly cleaned with strong soaps, douches, etc. This is not a good practice as such cleansing destroys the normal vaginal flora which is acidic in nature. This leads to local infection, dermatitis and irritation.

The ideal way to clean is to use very mild soaps and washes. The genital area should be thoroughly washed with clean fresh water and then should be patted dry with a soft clean towel. The area should not be rubbed vigorously as it might lead to abrasion of skin. It is not advisable to use talcum powders, deodorants, antiseptics or antiperspirants. These substances block the openings of the normal sweat glands which block the normal secretions and causes dryness and irritation.

Before retiring for the day it is always better clean yourself thoroughly as advised above. Change into fresh undergarments and use a fresh sanitary napkin if you are bleeding. This will prevent infection and irritation and maintain a good hygiene of your genitalia.

Dr. Rekha Khandelwal of Vardaan hospital says that always ensure that proper hygiene is maintained post abortion. Also ensure that abortions are performed at a clean hygienic setup which has proper facilities for such operations