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Eradicating the Stigma Around Medical AbortionBACK

Planned motherhood,is a feeling of great joy and is something to be celebrated.However, an unplanned pregnancy is a mental,psychological, and physical shock to the lady.The news of unplanned pregnancy shatters her completely and can affect her professional and personal life.

Stigma associated with Abortion

Discussing about abortion is considered ataboo and the lady is so shattered that she generally refrains from bringing up the subject with her near and dear ones.This delays the medical management which may later complicate intervention.Lack of knowledge and hesitation to take opinion, leads to lack of various options available to them and leads to delay in performing the procedure.

In our country, the stigma around medical abortion is intense and widespread.People do not even readily say the word out aloud, let alone talk about it. Hence, they may not be aware about the various options available to them so that they can take well-informed decisions.Decision to get an abortion done is a very sensitive one and full confidentiality should be maintained in doing it.

The patient might resort to taking certain medicines on her own, which might be hazardous to her health.She may consult unauthorised people and quacks and land up in serious health issues. Hence, it is a very sensitive topic and one which needs to be handled delicately.

The safest way for the termination of pregnancy is medical or surgical abortion. It is the safest option as it will be performed in a safe,registeredabortion clinic only by trained professionals. These are of two types:

Medical Termination:

  • Medical terminationis done using medicines and gives best resultsupto six weeks of pregnancy.

Surgical Termination:

  • Surgical termination is generally a suction and evacuation procedure performed under local or general anaesthesia.
  • It is generally a safe procedure but should always be performed in a registered setup and should be performed under all aseptic conditions by an experienced and qualified doctor.

Women tend to make wrong decisions due to misinformation and social backlash. Hence, more awareness needs to be created about safe abortion amongst the population. They land up getting the abortion done under unsafe circumstances and even by quacks just to avoid anyone knowing about it.At times they end up delaying the procedure which leads to more intervention and the cost increases. However, this can lead to a lot of issues and create problems for them in the future. Vardaan hospital is one of the safest options when it comes to abortion clinics. The staff at the hospital is well-equipped and trained to provide all pre- and post-abortion services.

Answer to all questions

As mentioned above, it is imperative that abortion always be performed by trained professionals only. And that too in safe and sterile conditions. These points cannot be stressed upon as the repercussions of not following them are severe. Out of the many clinics in Delhi, Vardaan Hospital is adept at carrying out all medical procedures related to abortion, with doctors who have years of experience They have some of the finest doctors of the profession and all the services that they provide are exceptional.

The termination of pregnancy is not an easy process and needs to be carried out in a medically sound and well-equipped operation theatre. Many steps must be followed before and after the procedure. A full and thorough check-up before the procedure, taking proper care of the patient after going through their medical history and most importantly, keeping confidentiality intact. All these steps must be kept in mind.

Important post-abortion care

Patient care does not end after the procedure. Post-abortion counselling is an important part of the process. This includes post-procedure medication, proper instructions, and guidance regarding post anaesthesia care.A thorough guidance regarding the possible side effects and rare complications arising following the procedure and how to avoid such eventualities.

Please remember, abortion is a process that needs to take place in a safe, registered clinic or hospital, by a competent and registered doctor. The patient should be comfortable with the doctor and the place where all the options are available to her.