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Busting Myths on Abortion PillsBACK

Abortion pills if taken under medical supervision are one of the safest and most commonly used methods of terminating an early unwanted pregnancy. According to a popular study, around 10 million women in India terminate their pregnancies by relying on abortion pills, and the worst part is that these are consumed without any medical supervision or guidance. This can be the riskiest thing one can do to cause self-harm to the body. Though the ratio of women relying on abortion pills is quite large across the nation, there are still many who lack awareness of the same and are clueless about its pros and cons. There are several myths surrounding abortion pills regarding their consumption and their side effects. In India, there is a tendency to buy the pill against medical advice probably due to fear and social pressure.
To spread mass awareness, we are going to pop up some of the popular myths that surround these abortion pills.

Myth # 1

Abortion Pills are not safe


It is a fact that abortion pills are not safe if taken without medical supervision. A large number of women consume abortion pills to end their pregnancies by themselves, without bringing it to the knowledge of any gynaecologists or doctors probably due to fear and shame. Many women also resort to other methods for a medical termination, These methods can seriously harm their bodies and can cause trauma and infection to the body of the women and the uterus and reproductive organs.

The fact lies, that abortion pills are completely safe, but only when consumed under medical guidance or expert supervision. It is best to consult your gynaecologist as they can guide you with the right time duration of consuming the abortion pills, to avoid any complications.

Myth # 2

Abortion pills can be consumed at any time of pregnancy


This is another most commonly debated aspect of abortion pills. Most women believe that abortion pills can be consumed at any duration of pregnancy but the fact lies that these are effective and work only up to 7 weeks for a successful termination of pregnancy. For a pregnancy of more than 7 weeks, abortion pills may not work and can even lead to serious complications.

Myth # 3

Consumption of Abortion Pills is killing the Fetus in your womb


Now, this is something that has become a social taboo in Indian society and forces the majority of women to resort to harmful tactics. The fact is that abortion pills can be consumed up to 7 weeks of pregnancy, and clears out the contents of the uterus before it develops into a fully grown fetus. Hence, it is never like killing the baby in the womb.

Myth # 4

Abortion Pills have permanent side effects


Abortion pills can cause harm or severe complications only when consumed in the incorrect manner or timing, i.e. without seeking any clinical guidance. Abortion pills do have some side effects like painful cramping, heavy bleeding, bloating or digestive discomfort, vomiting, fatigue, tiredness, loss of energy, diarrhoea, headaches but these are temporary and subside in one or two days with proper rest and use of medications

On the other hand, abortion pills can lead to harmful side effects like permanent uterine damage or cervical damage leading to infertility problems only when self-consumed.

Myth # 5

Medical Abortion is a very Painful Process


This is another popular misconception about abortion pills. Anything that causes contractions in the muscles or the uterine walls tends to induce pain in the body, be it menstrual cycle, pregnancy, childbirth or abortion. There is no denying that medical abortion is not painful, it does cause some pain but it is bearable and almost feels like menstrual cramps. Your doctor or gynaecologist is aware of this side effect and may prescribe you pain killer or other such medications to ease out the after-effects. Moreover, the intensity or the degree of pain may vary for every patient depending on their body type and the week of pregnancy they are in.

Myth # 6

Abortion Pills are not safe for teenage girls


Unwanted teenage pregnancy is a very tricky situation. Teenagers should be advised to be open to friends and family if they get pregnant. They should not hesitate to consult a doctor or inform loved ones of the pregnancy. The sooner the consultation is done the better it is. Teenage pregnancy termination is a challenge and should be conducted with utmost care. Early teenage pregnancy can be terminated with medicines under strict medical supervision. Teenagers can resort to abortion pills for the termination of pregnancy but it is best to do it with the involvement of family members and the concerned team of doctors. In India, according to law, total confidentiality is maintained while conducting abortions.

There are no harmful complications of abortion pills for teenagers seeking termination in early pregnancy., but it is best to seek medical guidance. Instead of aimlessly wandering and entertaining thoughts like where to get an abortion, and thereby increasing the duration of pregnancy it is best to share it out with your family member or your doctor, who can guide you in a better way.

Myth # 7

Abortion pills cause infertility problems


Abortion pills don't lead to infertility problems, until and unless you consume them without medical supervision. Infertility problems occur only when women resort to dangerous means of terminating pregnancy like harmful drugs etc.

Remember that in a few cases, the medical termination pills do not work or some bits of tissue and products might remain in the uterus. This could lead to infection. Always ensure that the termination procedure is complete by getting an ultrasound done after a few days.

Hope this blog will bring much clarity on the most debated topic of abortion pills and help in spreading awareness on the same.