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Basic Information on AbortionBACK

What we mean by Abortion:

Abortion is a medical process which results in the ending of pregnancy so that birth of a child can be stopped. In medical term this is also known as termination of pregnancy. In short we can say that pregnancy gets removed from womb in two ways either by use of pills (medical abortion) which leads to application of medicines for causing a miscarriage and the second option is by surgery (surgical abortion). In surgerical abortion, the pregnancy gets removed from womb clinically by the doctor.

Why abortion to discontinue pregnancy:

There can be a number of reasons which will direct an expecting mother to go for abortion. Some of them can be:

It may be the situation that both parents are not yet ready to take the responsibility of a child at that moment.

It can also be that they plan to have their child only after attaining a career hike so that they can give their child a great upbringing.

These days there is high rise of interest to experience sexual life right in the teenage among the new generation. This may lead to unwanted pregnancy. Such group of people approach the doctor to terminate the pregnancy as the same is not wanted by any of the partners involved in making this pregnancy possible.

Congenital anomalies detected in the foetus in ultrasound examination.

Genetic defects being carried by parents.

Process of surgical abortion:

Consent form is signed by both the partners in the clinical center before prescribing any medicine for getting the abortion done or even before going for surgical abortion. Without consent of the patient, abortion process cannot be conducted by any doctor all across globe.

In most of the abortion cases, patients prefer to go for medical abortion as they feel this process is the safest one. But whether the pregnancy can be aborted using medicine or need to go for surgical process is solely dependent on the physical condition of the patient and also the position of pregnancy at the moment of abortion.

Medicinal termination

Medicinal termination is generally done in pregnancy which is less than 6 weeks.

Medicinal termination is one of the safest non-surgical methods which are performed with support of medicines. Patients are suggested not to take medicine on their own as it may cause complications which in some cases could be life threatening. Medicine should be taken under strict medical supervision and suggestion of the doctor.

Surgical termination

Vacuum suction is used for conducting surgical abortion. This method is safe having lesser rate of complication.

This surgical process is performed in an operation theatre which is well-equipped.

To get this process done, sterile equipment, cannula and disposable syringe needles are used.

This procedure is done either using general or local anesthesia under the guidance of ultrasound expert.

This process is less time consuming and does not take more than 15 minutes if done by an expert gynecologist.

The patient needs to stay back in the hospital for a period of about 3 to 4 hours after the procedure as it is done under anesthesia.

Doctors prescribe oral medication for couple of days after getting the surgical abortion done.

Post-procedure care

On 1st post-operative day patient might experience some nausea, bleeding, and pain.

Bleeding might continue for 7 to 8 days in medical termination.

The menstruation cycle will be back in normal flow after 4 to 6 weeks time

Ovulation or you can say the situation to get pregnant again return backs fast after abortion. Avoid sex for some months or take contraceptives pills as suggested by doctor.

Avoid using tampons
At least 15 days after abortion keep away from sexual relation or follow doctor's advice in this
Dr Rekha Khandelwal,M.S. Obstetrician & Gynaecologist Vardaan Hospital