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Dangers of attempting self-abortion and why it should be avoidedBACK

The only way to end or terminate an unwanted pregnancy is by abortion. However, abortions that are self attempted can be extremely dangerous and life-threatening, and hence, should be performed only by medical professionals. According to a popular survey by WHO, around 45% of abortions that are performed illegally are unsafe and dangerous to health.  It is extremely important to spread awareness regarding the dangers and complications associated with self-abortion. We also want to highlight the reason why self-abortion should not be done.

Let us find out what self-managed abortions are?

What are Self Managed Abortions?

Self Managed abortions are abortions that involve no medical supervision or gynaecologist visits. These comprise a variety of methods, out of which some are safe and some are not. One of the most common of all these methods is the attempts being made using the abortion pill. Generally, most of the self-manageable options lead to risky situations and can have severe side effects and dire consequences on the patient’s health. Moreover, these are a threat not just to the physical health of females but to her mental and emotional well being too.

Now let us analyse in detail a few of the threats that take place as a result of self attempted abortions:

Internal organ injury

One of the major threats of self-managed abortions is internal organ damage. If abortions are performed without any gynaecologist supervision or lack of precautionary care, these can lead to permanent internal organ damage. Internal organs such as the cervix, womb, or fallopian tubes can be severely and permanently damaged. Only a medical professional can best advise and help in the safe termination of pregnancy.

Infertility Problems

Because of damage to the uterus by performing self-abortion, Infertility can be a serious concern and is one of the possible side effects of self-managed abortion. As already mentioned, self attempted abortions can cause permanent internal organ damage, this can lead to lifelong infertility problems or if not infertility then at least difficulty in conceiving or getting pregnant. Organs like uterine walls, cervical opening, or fallopian tubes can be severely damaged. On the other hand, if abortions are performed under proper medical guidance and supervision then the possibility of such kinds of infertility issues can be ruled out.

Excessive Bleeding

Another possible threat of self attempted abortion is that it can lead to excessive and uncontrolled internal bleeding which can cause severe blood loss and even risk to life. Any kind of damage to the internal organs or parts can result in bleeding causing severe anaemia, infection to the organs, septicaemia, internal organ failure or even death of the concerned patient.

Partially completed Abortion

This is one of the most dangerous things and one of the major reasons why self-managed abortions should be avoided. A medical abortion or abortions are done using the pill but without any medical consultation can lead to partial or incomplete abortion which can even cause infection, septicaemia, anaemia excessive bleeding and can also have life-threatening consequences. In such a case, you will be required to immediately run to the gynaecologist clinic or a surgeon for help. Hence, to avoid such threats and complications, it is best to consult the gynaecologist beforehand.

Sepsis or Infection

It is well said that we should leave those tasks that are not meant for us to be handled by those who are best suited for them. Hence, similar is the case when it comes to abortions. Sepsis or a severe infection that can spread to other internal organs is one of the many possible complications of self-manageable abortions and hence if you are planning for a self early pregnancy abortion then the idea should be discarded at the earliest or before you risk your health and life.

Hope this information will help you in the best possible way and in creating awareness regarding the problems related to self-abortion