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Getting an Abortion is Every Woman’s RightBACK

Planned Pregnancy is a matter of great joy!! It is one of the most beautiful phases of life. Giving birth to a new-bornis anachievement. But…. an unwanted pregnancy can cause great physical and mental agony. A woman has a full right to decide whether to continue or terminate the pregnancy. There can be various reasons to terminate the pregnancy. Every woman deserves to live with respect and dignity. It is completely a mother’s choice whether she wants to bring a new life in the family or not.

Where to get an Abortion?

There are numerous places which provide abortion facilities. But Vardaan Hospital,New Delhi is one of the best as Vardaan offers safe and legal abortion with full confidentiality. We’re working in this field for more than 30 years under an expert and experienced gynaecologist. We provide service to both national and international patients with personal care and attention.

The Earlier, The Better

If you’ve made your mind to terminate a pregnancy, then don’t think about it a lot. Take a step forward at the earliest. The sooner you terminate the pregnancy the better it will be. Consult an expert medical abortion professional within the first 9 or 12 weeks for a safe termination.

A doctor will give you relevant advice on the options available for termination. Investigations and check-upsareconducted. Termination can either be done in early pregnancy by medicines or by surgical intervention.

Don’t get worried, if 9 weeks elapsed

Even if your pregnancy is over 9 weeks termination is possible. Surgical abortion is performed in such a situation. The best thing about the entire procedure is, it does not consume much time and can be done in just one day.

The methods for termination of pregnancy are:

  • Termination by medicines.
  • Vacuum aspiration which can take place between 7 to 12 weeks of pregnancy
  • Between 12 to 20 weeks, medication is first given to expel the foetus followed by suction evacuation. Time required could be 48 to 72 hours.



All adult women have a complete freedom to decidehow and where to get an abortion.We, at Vardaan Hospital provide all facilities.

All females are powerful enough to take aprudent decision. Females deserve an access to get an abortion on their own terms and condition. If a woman is not prepared to take responsibility of a child then it is better to terminate as soon as possible. There are sufficient facilities available in the medical industry for this purpose.

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