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Abortion Review by Canadian Girl of Indian Origin

Abortion Review by Canadian Girl of Indian Origin

I am a Canadian girl of Indian origin staying in UAE. For confidentiality purposes, I cannot disclose my name, but writing my experience would definitely help other people, who accidentally have unwanted pregnancy.

My advice is that always has safe sex and use contraceptives so that you do not have to face a difficult situation, like I did!!

I was very young when I left Canada and came to UAE .Abu dhabi has a very good social life and while attending one of these parties I got physically involved and later discovered that I was pregnant!

I confided in my friends and came to know that in UAE, it is a crime for an unmarried girl to get pregnant. Also my parents would be shocked to hear this. Going to Canada or UK was out of question for me.

I searched for options. I did an internet search. I contacted my friends who were in a similar situation. Most of them had been to India. They gave me contacts and one of them strongly recommended Vardaan hospital in Delhi where legal abortion procedure is available. I was told that the procedure is possible in one day. That's what I wanted.

I emailed them and in no time they gave me the Whatsapp no.of Dr. Rekha. She answered all my questions very promptly and clearly including the total expenses.

I connected for the visa at the Indian consulate and was allowed single entry visa for India in 3 days time. I booked my tickets and on an Emirates flight to Delhi. I took a prepaid cab from airport as advised. The cab was comfortable and was value for money.

I was fasting as advised by Dr.Rekha .As soon as I reached the hospital, I was greeted by the courteous staff. The staff seemed to be familiar with the steps for procedure and promptly conducted my blood tests and prepared me for USG.

I met Dr. Rekha, a very pleasant and confident lady doctor. She explained the procedure to me and I was posted for the procedure at 10.00am.

The operation theatre was nice and clean and fully equipped. As I was travelling alone, I had all sorts of wild thoughts coming in my mind, but was put at ease by the reassuring doctors A list was made of my belongings and valuables and kept in safe custody.

I don’t even know when the procedure was completed. I woke up in my room. I stayed there for 3 hours and was given juice after the procedure.

As I was to travel the next day I was advised by Dr. Rekha to continue staying in the hospital. In the evening, when I felt all right I was escorted to the local market by the staff, where I did some shopping. My Indian friends had also asked for some sweets which I bought.

I want to specially mention the human touch, Dr. Rekha gave me. Actually while shopping I finished all my Indian currency and had no money left for the cab. She promptly paid the cab driver and refused to take foreign currency in exchange. God bless her.

We are still in touch on Whats app and it is a great feeling.

British expat

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