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Tips for a healthy pregnancyBACK

Most woman long to have a child. Thus, pregnancy is a natural physiological function in her life. During this phase, many changes are observed by a pregnant lady.

Unless indicated by doctor the aim is to have a normal delivery.

The mantra to normal healthy pregnancy is to keep oneself fit and healthy. Tips that would help you prepare for a healthy pregnancy are:

Balanced diet

During first trimester of pregnancy one might experience nausea, vomiting or heartburn. Avoid spicy foods, junk foods, and unhygienic street foods. Try to avoid papaya and pineapple as they are said to contain a hormone which can stimulate labour.

Eat small frequent meals. Eating something early in the morning helps reduce morning sickness.

Eating right amount of whole grain breads and cereals supplemented with whole fresh fruits and vegetables usually provides a well-balanced diet. These contain fiber which reduces constipation which is common in the first trimester. Canned fruits should be avoided as they have high sugar content and less nutritive value. Juices do not provide fiber. Hence, fresh whole fruits are the best.


Walking is one of the best exercises in all stages of pregnancy and helps in toning the body, preventing fat accumulation at wrong places. Walk for at least 30 minutes a day unless the doctor has advised otherwise. Movement of hips because of walking helps in positioning the baby in the pelvis.

Stand for short periods at a stretch. Prolonged standing should be avoided as water retention can give rise to swollen feet.

Yoga is a good form of exercise. It not only helps in maintaining the overall health but also helps in making the pelvic area flexible which facilitates a normal delivery. Yoga also helps in overall well-being by improving breathing and posture.

Antenatal exercises and classes also help a lot.

Weight gain occurs in pregnancy but excessive weight is not good. Monitor the weight and discuss about it in every visit to your doctor.