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Kick Count

An indication of baby's (foetal) well-being

Your baby's activity is an indication of how well it is doing. Therefore, it is important that you observe how much it moves. Most women begin to notice their baby moving by 16 to 20 weeks (5th month of pregnancy). The best time to observe the movement is an hour after a meal.

Lie in a comfortable position, preferably on your left side. Begin to count the number of times your baby kicks within one hour. After you have counted 20 kicks, you may stop counting. This is a sign that your baby's activity is adequate.

The kick counts must be done three times a day, after each meal. The baby's activity will be increased following a meal.

If you do not feel the baby moving at least 4 times during a ½ hour period please call your doctor immediately or rush to the hospital. This can be an indication that the foetus is not getting adequate oxygen and is in distress. Occasionally, before foetal death the activity may increase abnormally.

Dr. Rekha Khandelwal M.S.

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