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Cosmetic Surgery

Cosmetic surgery, or aesthetic surgery as it is also known, is a surgery done to improve ones appearance and has come into vogue for the last couple of decades or so. The popularity of this surgery is soaring as people are becoming increasingly body aware and the desire to self improve. In today’s world unattractiveness is not taken as a curse and aged look is not necessarily associated with wisdom. Both these problems can be taken care of by cosmetic surgery, to give a pleasant and younger appearance. The concept of beauty has changed over the ages and so have the styles. The concept of beauty also differs from region to region and from race to race but there are some common factors.

Patients for cosmetic surgery can also be classified as good candidates or bad candidates, based on unrealistic expectations, technical limitations, age, mental health and physical health. If a candidate is undergoing cosmetic surgery for someone else’s wishes then the chances of disappointment are very high. Various procedures done in cosmetic surgery are described in brief below with some pre and post operative photographs.

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