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  • Facts about Medicinal Termination of Pregnancy [14th May, 2016]

    Medicinal termination is a safe procedure. However it can give rise to complications if not taken under medical supervision...more

  • The Elements of Exercise [20th March, 2013]

    Recreation is "re-creation." It gives us an opportunity for meditation and relaxation. Regular exercise can reduce tension and mild depression, and increase mental alertness... more

  • Health Tip - Cataract [20th March, 2013]

    The lens is made mostly of water and protein. Specific proteins within the lens are responsible for maintaining its clarity. Over many years, the structures of these lens proteins are altered, ultimately leading to a gradual clouding of the lens... more

  • Diarrhea [29th December, 2012]

    Diarrhea is passage of three or more loose or liquid bowel movements in a day. It is common in all ages but seen very frequently in infants and young children. There can be a number of causes of diarrhea... more

  • Importance of Preventive Health Care [14th December, 2012]

    Longevity has increased and with that the quality of life has started suffering as age advances. However, it is in our hands to ensure the quality of life as senior citizens. Isn’t it time to take charge of your health! Remember a stitch in time saves nine. This can be done by visiting your doctor and fixing a time and get a preventive health ... more

  • Fever [26th October, 2012]

    The average body temperature of an individual is 98.6°F or 37.0°F and can vary between 97°F to 100°F. It varies by age, activity and time of the day. This body temperature is not static but keeps changing by about 1-2 degrees during the day... more

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