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Tips for a healthy pregnancy

Most woman long to have a child. Thus, pregnancy is a natural physiological function in her life. During this phase, many changes are observed by a pregnant lady.

Unless indicated by doctor the aim is to have a normal delivery.

The mantra to normal healthy pregnancy is to keep oneself fit and healthy. Tips that would help you prepare for a healthy pregnancy are:

Balanced diet

During first trimester of pregnancy one might experience nausea, vomiting or heartburn. Avoid spicy foods, junk foods, and unhygienic street foods. Try to avoid papaya and pineapple as they are said to contain a hormone which can

Getting the best tracheostomy care for you

Tracheostomy is a surgical process where an opening is created in the windpipe where a tube is fixed and that helps to remove secretions from the lungs. It is done if a patient has difficulty in breathing on his own or has to be weaned of the ventilator or if the air way is blocked because of medical reasons, accidents or sometimes for surgical procedures.

Types of Tracheostomy

There are two types of tracheostomies

Temporary  - The tube is in the windpipe for sometime and is removed when it is thought that the patient will be able to breathe on his

Safe and Legal Abortion Services

While looking for the best clinic to carry out abortion, there are numerous things to bear in mind. The main concern is the safety of the procedure and the repercussions that the procedure may have on you. With the help of expert medicinal practitioners, the entire procedure will go ahead as planned and securely. Your personal safety is a great concern to Abortion Center Vardaan. This is the reason why just the best of professionals are permitted to carry out the procedure. This is a good way for ensuring that things are going ahead as expected without any issues

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