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Vaccination Schedule



BCG : immediately after birth
Polio :

either oral or injectable:

  • Oral – 5 doses in the first year
  • Injectable with DTP
DPT : available as DwPT or DaPT. DwPT gives rise to fever and is painful whereas DaPT usually is painless and does not give rise to fever – 3 doses given at 6-8 weeks interval
Haemophilus Influenzae (HiB) : three doses given as combination with DPT
Hepatitis B : three doses along with DPT
Rotavirus oral vaccine given along with DPT (optional)
Pneumococcal vaccine : three doses given along with DPT (optional)
Flu vaccine : two doses at one month apart in the first year and then a booster every year (optional)
Measles : one dose at 8-1/2 months
Hepatitis A : two doses started after 12 months of age and given 6-8 months apart
Chickenpox : at 13 month age
MMR (mumps, measles, rubella) : at 15 month age
Polio/DPT/HiB booster at 18 month age
Typhoid vaccine at 2 year age and a booster every 3 years
Polio/DPT booster at 4-1/2 to 5 year age
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